Monday, November 10, 2008

So You Think You Know Me?

Contrary to what people might think of me from what's been posted on hubby's blog I'm not a "Liberal". Nor am I "elitist", just educated.

Do I believe we need to help out people whose lives were wrecked and want/need help to get out of a jam? Hell, yes. I've been there, with a three month old and a husband I just kicked out the door for heroin addiction and being unwilling to kick it and stop selling my belongings off to feed his addiction. (Thank goodness I was nursing and didn't have to buy formula!)

Do I think that going to college makes me or anyone else "Elite"? Hell, no. I think it shows interest in a bigger picture. Do I believe what the US television news tells me? Nope, I read newspapers. I also get info from the internet, and the BBC news. Yes, I do. (And if someone special is reading, too effin' bad.) They don't have the same view of events that happen here, and it's interesting to get a different perspective on issues.

You think that because I'm a member of the,(let's spell this correctly, kiddies), DemocratIC party, I'm against gun ownership or the second Amendment to our Constitution? Guess what? I sold guns until the county put me out of business. I'd love to see the laws that are already in place enforced instead of knee-jerk, let's-do-something-now laws passed.

Or maybe I think immigrants should be able to walk across our borders and get free medical care and schooling? Nope. (Sorry, Mom, you should stop reading now.) The woman who broke her legs falling on our side of the wall and got the copter ride to the hospital? Scoop her up and dump her back on the other side. "No licencia, no problema" car dealership? Strip their business license and put them under an audit that will make their unborn grandchildren sweat.

Then again...there is another side. Taking jobs away from Americans? Oh, ya, I see people lined up to pick veggies here in California all day long. Yup, they're being passed over for immigrants for sure. And policies like NAFTA, that looked good on paper and were put in place that drove corn prices down to the point that Mexican farmers can't feed their families, so they struggle to come here. Let's just kick them back to where they came from and let them starve, while our farmers struggle to get crops in to feed us. You betcha, sounds great doesn't it.

There's no simple solution. But I'm tired of simplistic ideas. And people who can't see things from another point of view.

You think you know me now?


Front Porch Society said...

Heh, this is usaincognito. I shut down my old site and have a new site up now:

Loved this post! :) I tend to ride the fence between both parties. And that is why I am a registered independent. I have my own views on issues and each election I believe it important to vote for who I think best represents my beliefs/values on issues. :)

Evil Transport Lady said...

Yo Go Girl!!!!!!!! WOOT!

P.S. I wish I knew you off the 'net! We'd get along just fine:)

Anonymous said...

quickly dropping by to say *hi*!
Ive been looking for other police wives blog and came across yours!
I'll be back later when I have time to read!

thanks for stopping by mine!

Anonymous said...

just outta curiousity do you live in SF??? please email me if you do!

My expressions LIVE said...

There are many times we all feel this way. I don't care what ethnicity, hate burdens on the system.

Anonymous said...

I'm totally not into the politics thing so I don't have much to add here. But I did want to show how much I appreciate how consistantly you have supported me and my blog by stopping by and commenting! It's been so much fun to meet others in simular situations to me.