Thursday, June 25, 2009

Only In America...

Could someone be born a black male, grow up and look like a white female before just looking freaky, be creepily fond of sharing his bed with 11 year old boys proclaiming that this is something the world needs more of, deny having plastic surgery while his face collapses from it in front of the world, and be able to get away with shrouding children who were carried to term by his doctor's nurse. Is it any wonder he got the nickname "Wacko Jacko"?

Yup, Michael Jackson died today. We leave you tonight with a look through the years..

( I know Farrah Fawcett died today, too. She left with grace, and I respect her for chronicling her last years and her struggle with cancer.)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Boys

I have to love them. They say some of the funniest things. Remember Moose's use of the word "inflated"? I gave Snake a line on the way to school one morning while passing road construction. There was a "big steamy load" of asphalt that had been put on the street. (Yes, I know, I should think before I open my mouth, but sometimes the words just come out before I can stop them.)

They quote lines from "Hot Fuzz". "Have you ever fired your gun into the air whilst yelling 'Aarrrr'?" If you haven't seen it, please do. There are some wonderful lines in that movie. Also used is "Mmmmm mmmmm, tastes good" from "Balls of Fury". The other day we were driving along, talking about assorted things, and Moose called out "DEAD THING!!" from the back seat.

If anyone has some suggestions for more movies with great lines in them, I'd love to get them. Maybe them I'll be able to get them from saying "Sorry about your penis, dude!" whenever they see a Hummer go by...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's On Now Wocechowsky

Woycechowsky, you may be a lawyer, but you have no idea what was going through Mesherle's head when the shooting happened. And that, sir, is the only thing that counts.

Let me let you in on something. My Mother was on a Police Commission. This civilian oversight was set up after abuses happened, and no one is denying police abuse can happen. What I learned from watching the inquiries into shootings and complaints being handled boils down to this: the only way to figure out what was going through the Officer's head is to put yourself in his/her place IN THE MOMENT.

While it is convenient to sit back and armchair quarterback the situation watching videos in your mother's basement, or wherever your hole is, you cannot get an idea of what was happening from the Officer's perspective.

Think about it, you get a call to report to a fight and the people you told to stop and sit down decide they are going to keep on moving back onto the train. When you try to physically stop them from doing so, they start to fight you even though they are supposed to do what you tell them to do. More and more people yell and jeer and "step up" to the scene and involve themselves in something they have no business getting involved in. The situation is deteriorating and one of your fellow Officers loses his professional demeanor and hits someone who may or may NOT be in cuffs. You are in more and more danger as time goes by and people are continuing to refuse to do what they are being told to do. You think you have one thing in your hand and tell people you are going to use that, but instead your gun goes off. Now you are really fucked,(sorry about the language honey), because most of the people think you shot the person because of his skin color.

You don't freak out and say "I didn't mean to shoot him" over and over because that isn't how you react, because of this people think you meant to shoot the person. On top of that, instead of being removed from the scene and telling your side of what happened to supervisors the way a shooting should be handled, you are allowed to go home. While you are at home, you find you are being skewered in the news, your chief isn't staying neutral about the situation, every person with video is selling it the highest bidder thus continuing the furor over the situation, you and your family are getting death threats, AND your very pregnant wife has your baby.

Would you be willing to go back and become the sacrifice the masses are demanding? Keep in mind, these are some of the same people who cheered and danced in the street when four Oakland officers were killed by a child raping thief who was out on parole and even his family admitted he was more interested in smoking dope and drinking than turning his life around. I wouldn't.

But I know something you don't seem to grasp. I know I wasn't there in Mesherle's head watching it unfold, and I know that I have to try to piece it together like I was. Without listening to the people screaming "They shot him cos he was a brotha", without the passion that something like a seemingly innocent person being killed by anyone brings out in people. I know that I would have to listen to all sides, and see all video- without enhancement, before coming to conclusions.

Can you stop putting yourself in the judge's head, where it doesn't belong, and do that? If not go back to your patent office and play with whatever gadgets people send you and stay away from my husband's and any other law enforcement blogs.

You see, sir, I am mild as Police Wives go. You may not get as nice a response to your sophomoric idiocies elsewhere.

Now go away, or I will taunt you (with rational thought) a second time.