Saturday, January 19, 2008

Take a Mexican Vacation...HELL NO!

My sister and her fiance vacation somewhere down there, and my brother and his female "domestic partner" were down there last December,( they came back with some neat stuff, and he also got a scorching case of food poisoning). I personally don't see any reason to go unless you're a college student looking to score some ADD/ADHD medication to ace those classes to justify mommy and daddy spending a bundle of money on you to "party", I believe it's still called.

Any nation that puts up with stuff like this: , needs LOTS of help. However, people in a position to help are much more interested in lining their pockets with money from the drug dealers.
My dad,my dad,(as well as mom), who taught me to judge people by what they do and not what they look like made a comment once that made my jaw drop. He said that the Mexican government had been giving it's citizens that were going to make an illegal border crossing backpacks with food, water, maps, etc., "And do you know what they're calling them? Wetbackpacks."
I wonder if these guys were carrying a wetbackpack when they hit the Border Gaurd.