Saturday, December 27, 2008


Sorry I haven't been around. (And yes, I know this isn't the most titillating reading on the blogosphere, so thank you!) Smith and I have been recovering from Christmas, and the days before.

On my side, all I'm going to say is migraines suck. If I never go through another day with my head throbbing, light hurting my eyes after making everything shimmery, and saying "large cold box where we store food" because I can't remember the word "refrigerator", life would be as close to perfect as it can get.

Both of us wound up staying up until 2am Christmas Eve wrapping stuff. The kids woke me up at 6:30am, and I explained to them I would be a good idea if they let us sleep a little longer. (That's the best way to describe the hissing I did through clenched teeth.) So I went back to bed and tried to sleep. Unfortunately, my Mom Powers turned on, and I sort of floated between sleep and being awake because I was listening to the kids up front. We dragged our tired butts out of bed at 8am, to the delight of Snake and Moose.

The ripped open their loot, becan playing with it, and I made breakfast. Later on, we went to my Brother's. We were supposed to be out of there around 4pm. I think it was closer to 7pm. We still had a great time and there was no drama!

Then to my folks, where the kids got yet another present installment. Lucky brats. We finally got home around 9pm. Somehow, our plans for getting to bed early fell by the wayside. We wound up going to bed at 2am again.

So after two nights of little sleep, and a brain that decided to short circuit earlier in the week, I don't know why I was surprised by how late we slept on the 26th. I think I was more surprised that my Mom Powers didn't work. The kids had been up for hours, quietly playing while we slept until 12:30pm. Yup, that late.

Today, after a decent night's sleep, I feel human again. I'm sure the shower I'm hoping to take will help even more.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Public Evesdropping

Overheard while at Toys R Us:

Man to woman: "...and I'm interested in this woman, and I can't hold it against her that she's got Baby Daddies, because I've got children by a few different women myself."

Woman nods at man.

WTH???? Photobucket

Sunday, December 14, 2008


We took the kids to cut down a tree today, and wound up getting so much more.

On our drive up to a favorite area of ours, we stopped for lunch. While we were eating, the rain change to slush, then small flakes, then HUGE flakes as we were on our way to the car. It was melting, so we didn't need the cables we brought, but I was glad we'd brought them with us.

So we left and continued on our drive to the tree farm. The snow kept coming down. It started to stick to some of the trees and bare branches, turning the dive into a treat the kids had never seen before. There was a pasture that was covered in snow with a pond close to the fence, and three horses were scraping the snow away to get at the grass underneath.

We got to the tree farm and it was beautiful. The trees were dusted with snow, and the boys were so excited to be there. We tromped around until we found our tree. The young man who was working drove out his tractor to the area where the type of tree we wanted was. Then we wandered around until we found our tree. The boys and Smith each took a turn sawing at it.

It stayed snowing the whole time we were there. Big soft flakes that we caught on our tongues and we listened to the snow crunch under our feet. It was a magical day.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What A Turn Around

Anyone remember when I said this? Well, things have changed, A LOT. There was ice on Smith's windshield this morning, the kids are bugging me for their pj's, and we pulled the big-a$$ California King sized comforter onto the bed. It is 2:14pm, and it's a balmy 49F degrees. Brr.

I'm waiting for the rain to descend upon us next.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Mmmmm, I Love It


Yup, it's that time again. Off to the dentist! (You all have dirty minds!!)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Traffic Woes

The traffic at Moose's school has been awful since Snake was in kindergarten there. There are parents who park in the disabled hash-marks area, and get pissy if someone with a disabled placard asks them to move. ( What is it with Camaro drivers???) The cars are so backed up on the road people drive on the wrong side just to get past the school. And I don't know how many times I've seem kids almost get hit while they were walking in the crosswalk!!!

So one afternoon when I went to get Moose and saw the same waste of oxygen parked in the hash-marks for the third day in a row, I called our police department and let them know he was there. I also told them about the other craziness as well. Then I walked off to wait for my little guy.

After school let out and we were walking to the car, what did we see? A traffic enforcement truck, and a man in a uniform telling people they couldn't park in the red zones, the jerk in the Camaro had been told to move and not park there any more, and people were told to circle around the block and come back for their kid.

They have been back several days since the first, and when I spoke with one of them, he said he didn't believe how bad it was. It's gotten much better, the parents see him standing there with his "Traffic Enforcement" truck parked down the street and they just continue on around the block.

The funniest thing that's happened so far happened yesterday. A woman was in the lane across from the school and was right in front of me. She stopped and motioned for her child to run across the street to her car, like she has him do every day. He just looked at her, and with a panicked voice yelled to her, "I can't mom, there's a policeman there!!!".

Even he had to laugh about that.

And the mom who is up for Parent Of The Year? She actually pulled into the parking lot to get her kid for a change.