Thursday, June 25, 2009

Only In America...

Could someone be born a black male, grow up and look like a white female before just looking freaky, be creepily fond of sharing his bed with 11 year old boys proclaiming that this is something the world needs more of, deny having plastic surgery while his face collapses from it in front of the world, and be able to get away with shrouding children who were carried to term by his doctor's nurse. Is it any wonder he got the nickname "Wacko Jacko"?

Yup, Michael Jackson died today. We leave you tonight with a look through the years..

( I know Farrah Fawcett died today, too. She left with grace, and I respect her for chronicling her last years and her struggle with cancer.)


Front Porch Society said...

Thank goodness he is dead! The man was a freak and a wack job. Not to mention, I am sure he had to be a child pedophile who just was never busted. Never liked him and still don't.

KD said...

I know!! Why is it that Jacko is getting SOOOO much publicity and Farrah's death is like "oh by the way...." ??? Maybe because his death was so unexpected and hers wasn't. I'd still rather see hours of TV retrospectives on her life than his! ugh. My most positive memory of Jacko is the lip sync my 3rd grade friend did to his song Thriller to much acclaim. Ain't gonna see that on any retrospective!