Saturday, August 16, 2008

Quit Being Greedy!!!!

George Lucas has a new "Star Wars" movie coming out. Why? The fist one was pretty good. (And I'm going in the order the movies came out, I don't buy the whole "I had a vision I couldn't realize until now" bullshit.) The second was ok. Then there was the third. The dancing Ewoks? Blow up the Deathstar and everything is fine? Riiiiiiight. Then there were the abominations that were the second trio of movies that were released. Thankfully I don't remember much about them,unfortunately I do remember them being horrible.

If you want to get the first three movies on DVD you can, but they've got a whole bunch of extra crap added to them. You see, there wasn't the technology for Georgie to do what he wanted to do with the movies. Awww, too bad-no, wait, I don't really mean that. I wasn't going to get them anyway, but it would be nice to have a choice other than VHS.

I remember the toys being cool. And we had a ton of action figures. My Brother had a Millennium Falcon that lit up and made noise. Too bad he left it at a friend's house and the friend took it into the bathtub and ruined it. He also had an X-wing. My sister had a Tie-fighter. I don't remember what I had.

These days, it's the toys, action figures, Legos, video games, and whatever else can be thought up to have kids begging their parents to spend money on. And, the stuff comes out before the bloody movie!!!

I saw the preview for "Spend Now-Gimme Money", hold was "star wars-clone wars". I couldn't believe it. Doesn't George Lucas have enough money without foisting another lousy "tie-in" movie on us? And it's as if he knows he's lost the adult audience because this is an animated movie.

Who's going to be clamoring to see it? At this point it's just the star wars nerds and kids! I already told my kids there was no way I was going give George any more money for the Star Wars stuff that he's churning out. I refuse to rent any of the movies. And if I should ever run into him, I've got one thing to say to him: " Quit already and stop being greedy!!!".


Officer "Smith" said...

The poor guy has to figure out some way to pay for Skywalker Ranch and pay the ex-wife.

I mean, he has a hard life, what with the swimming pools full of money and all.

USAincognito said...

Exactly! I haven't even seen the first 3 movies yet and don't intend to either.

Anonymous said...

No! Not MORE Star Wars.....*groan*