Monday, August 11, 2008

What Did You Say?

....That's what my friend said to me today after I got off the phone with Smith. Let me explain, first I called called his cell phone. It was after noon, I expected him to answer. When he didn't, I called home where he did answer. The conversation went like this:

Him: Hello

Me: Hi, I guess you don't have your pants on, do you?

(Now pick your mind up out of the gutter!)

Him: Nope, I've still got my shorts on, my jeans are in the bedroom.

Me: This is going to make an interesting blog entry.

Hope you liked it!!! We try to have a good time around here.


Front Porch Society said...

hahahahahahaha!!!! I can't stop laughing!!!! Oh, to be a fly on the wall in your home! hahahaha!!!

Officer "Smith" said...

At least if you were a fly on our wall, it would be safer than if you were a spider.

Spiders don't live long around Mrs. S.

Front Porch Society said...

Me either!! Well, more like around Kira they don't live long. She LOVES to paw them, and then toss them in the air with her mouth before chewing on them and then leaving them dead on my carpet! lol.