Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Been A Long Time

...since I posted anything. Sorry about that. I've been busy studying. For what? To work in a pharmacy. So I've bee trying to memorize 125 drug names. Well, it's really more like 250 names because we have to know the brand and generic names of the drugs. The homework is intense, but I'm doing ok in the class. In order to pass you have to get 80% or better, and people have already been dropping like flies. Then there are the ones who show up even though they've been scoring 7 out of 20 on the quizzes. And there are at least 3 quizzes every class. (Luckily class is on Saturday.) So I've been a little busy with studying.

And today, after feeling miserable for a few days with whatever nasty bug got dragged home by whomever, I have company. Both Snake and Moose are home, too. Smith is feeling lousy, too. He's spreading the misery at work, though.

Hopefully I'll be back sooner with something more interesting that snot fountain stories.


Anonymous said...

We send getting better fast wishes to all your family members!!

And were praying you pass all your tests!
-Dispatcher (and officer who just went to get the ice cream!)

Front Porch Society said...

Yowza!! That is a lot of names to remember!! Good luck and I know you will pass! :)