Monday, October 13, 2008

Christain Values?

Let me preface this post with this: I am not trying to slam Christians, I'm just questioning.

When did it become "Christian" to molest children, and hide the people who did it. Or to systematically marry off FOURTEEN YEAR OLD GIRLS TO GROWN MEN OLD ENOUGH TO BE THEIR FATHERS?

When did it become "Christian" to steal from "a woman, she's in her 60's, in Texas,watching now, you have back pain...send $20 and put your hands on the tv screen, you will be alright"?

When did hate become a "Cristian" value. Spewing vitriol towards people unfortunate enough to contract a disease that will eventually kill them, that's alright? Yelling out and holding signs that say, "God hates Fags", a righteous thing to do?

Protecting a fetus and forcing a woman to face what could be the most violent experience of her life every day is alright? What happens after the child is born? If it wasn't wanted in the first place, and the woman was forced to leave school to be an incubator, do you think the child will be loved? What do you think the chances are that child winds up abused in one form or another? And please, DON'T bring up that tired story about people wanting to adopt a baby. That baby has to be pretty damn lucky to be adopted if it isn't what is in demand. The kid will more than likely be "raised" in foster care and be completely fucked up when kicked out of the system at 18.

Listening to certain political candidates, you would think hate is high on the list. Whipping people into a frenzy and smiling when someone yells, "Kill him!", is the right thing to do? Praying for money is ok? Driving out "witches" and "demons",(people who don't agree with you or you don't like), is "Christian"?

So tell me, please, when did the basic message of being kind to other people, and helping those who had less turn into "I'm going to lie my way out of embarrassing situations, steal from old folks, turn away from those who need help the most, forget about compassion, and you have to be a walking incubator because someone somewhere might want that unwanted parasite growing in you"?

As I said before, I'm not slamming anyone, but if this is the basis of religion today, it's no wonder the world is going to hell in a handbaket.


Officer "Smith" said...

These are certainly not the values I was raised with in my fairly conventional Protestant Christian upbringing, but watching the news these days, it does seem as if it is becoming more and more prevalent.

It isn't only Christianity, however, that is going to the dogs. There are radical Islamists, radical Taoists, and many other religious radicals who believe their way to be right.

None of this is learned from the "proper" exercise of religion, but when you get some harebrained preacher with a bug up his or her ass, who wants to "change the world" because "the rich white man is keeping the poor black man down" (are you listening Rev. Wright?) it casts a poor light on that religion in the public eye.

I think I'm gonna convert to Buddhism. They don't molest kids or blow shit up do they?

Mrs. "Smith" said...

I haven't even started on the world's other religions, babe.

Officer "Smith" said...

Bring it on. You can be a real fireball when you're on a roll.

Officer "Smith" said...

Actually I should have said radical SHINTOISTS not Taoists, and I forgot about the radical Jews.

What was I thinking?

Front Porch Society said...

Yeah.....there are a lot of people out there that call themselves "Christian" but I honestly do not believe they are.
There is a verse in Scripture that says...And you will know them by what they do. Talking about how people will know who is truly a Christian by what that person actually does.
I don't think those who live hatefilled lives or prey on others are real Christians. They just call on the title to try to justify their sick behavior. Sort of like prisoners claiming they are Muslims just so they can hold gang related meetings in the chapel. (it happens here in Iowa a LOT!)
I am a Christian, but I am not one of those that you describe. I may not be perfect but I don't know of anyone who is. I do try my hardest to live how God wants me to - loving others, doing good to my neighbors, and helping those in need, etc.
Even for me it is frustrating to watch so called "christians" behave like criminals.

Murphy's Law said...

None of those things are Christian tenets, and none of the people diong them are following Jesus' way.

But they'll get theirs in the end. God's made it abundantly clear that people who subvert His word for their own gain and lead others astray will rue the day. Is an eternity in Hell worth it? Personally I'm thinking not.