Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Well, here it is. 2009. Have I made any resolutions? Nope. I've got some goals to meet, and will work on those.

We had a quiet evening and hung out with the kids watching "Hot Fuzz" and "Indiana Jones, Crystal Skull". If you can believe it, I had to ask Smith what the second movie we watched was. (I wasn't too interested in Indy this time.) We've seen Hott Fuzz several times and usually spot something neww each time. If you haven't seen it, go rent it!! Believe it or not Moose picked that one out.

So we watched movies at home and munched on a spread laid out on the table after Smith got home. I usually don't cook on New Year's Eve, so we made a deli, and Costco richer for my laziness last night. The kids picked some things out that they wanted. Moose wanted "stinky cheese", (Camenbert), and Snake wanted "fancy ham", (prosciutto). Ya, our kids are foodies - they don't have any other option, really.

At midnight we sipped champagne and kissed (of course!), the kids had sparkling pear juice, and then they ran outside. Smith pulled out his...3 packs of 15 year old firecrackers and the guys blew them up. It was a great night.

We slept in late, had our cinnamon rolls and bacon, (just like Christmas).nd the boys are now outside running around with a friend. Smith and I or sitting around watching the tube and playing on our computers. We have a trip planned for tomorrow, we're going to Monterey.

I hope every one has a good 2009, and gets everything they want from it! Best wishes to you all!


Anonymous said...

So cool that your kids have good taste in food. I don't have kids but the kids I know are more like, mac and cheese! Pizza! Hot dogs! So, good for you for cultivating htat.

Front Porch Society said...

Another year. I wonder what it has in store! ;)

Thumperlane Homestead said...

Cinnamon Rolls??? I'm hungry!! hahaha.. I need to make some now..

Hope you enjoyed Monterey! Beautiful place!!