Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Anyone remember the S.F. Zoo tiger attack? Check this out:

The San Francisco Medical Examiner says a teenager who was killed by an escaped tiger at the zoo had marijuana and alcohol in his system at the time. The toxicology report released Monday was included with an autopsy that concluded "blunt force injuries of the head and neck" killed 17-year-old Carlos Sousa Jr. Sousa had 6.6 ng/mL of Delta-9 THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, according to the report. The average person's level of Delta-9 THC decreases to less than 5 ng/mL about two hours after smoking, however that level varies from person to person depending on factors such as the strength of the marijuana and whether or not the person is a frequent user. Sousa's blood-alcohol, or ethanol level, was 0.04 percent, according to the report. Steve Gelman, medical examiner's office administrator, said Tuesday the results indicate that Sousa had recent exposure to marijuana and alcohol, but that he couldn't determine whether there was any level of impairment at the time of the attack. Sousa's two friends also were seriously injured when a 250-pound Siberian tiger escaped its enclosure at San Francisco Zoo on Christmas Day. Sousa's family has filed a negligence claim against the city as a precursor to a lawsuit. After the teen's death, it was revealed that the wall surrounding the tiger's enclosure was 4 feet lower than recommended industry standards. Michael Cardoza, a lawyer for the Sousa family, says "it's totally irrelevant" to the case whether the teen was drinking or smoking pot before the fatal mauling.

How the lawyer could say that it's irrelevant that doofus was smoking pot and drinking is mind boggling. You see, I was a stupid teenager. I remember how stupid I got when I smoked least I sort of do. Get the point? The asshole got what he invited upon himself.

The tiger is still removed from a very small gene pool. The dead kid is out of the gene pool. Now, if we could figure out some way to remove the Dhaliwal brothers from the gene pool. Shouldn't be too hard, it's fairly obvious they are swimming in the shallow end.


Front Porch Society said...

Geez....isn't relevant my *ss!! The kid (dead or alive) should now be charged with being under the influence and being in possession of a controlled substance.

TheBronze said...

Mrs S,

You forgot Heather Fong, too.

Mrs. "Smith" said...

Bronze, what does she have to do with this? I'm talking about the 3 guys who caused a favorite tiger of mine to be killed after taunting her. I don't see how Chief Fong plays into those 3 smoking dope and drinking, and then going on and indulging in moronic ass-hattery. Could you please explain the connection?

TheBronze said...

I was referring to removing someone from the gene-pool. This happened in SF. SFPD did the investigation. She's the Chief of SFPD.

I know the connection is vague and not totally appropriate, but oh well.

She's just as much of a 'tard as these kids were.

TheBronze said...

And the fact that Heather Fong is a moronic ass-hat?

Mrs. "Smith" said...

Bronze, we are all entitled to our opinions. But from now on, let's keep politics out of my blog
unless I bring it up, or it's relevant to the post.

There are all sorts of morons out there in various departments. Some of them don't make it very far and some rise to the level of their incompetency.

This post is about a rare animal that was killed because those three guys were high and decided to taunt a creature that they had no business taunting. This is about THEM being asshats - not what other people did.

Chief Fong is under lots of scrutiny. And mostly because she disciplined assorted people in the
PD and they didn't like it so they went running off to get her in trouble. To them all I have to say is - Grow up and clean up your act, thenpoint out other people's faults.

Are we done?

Redroach said...

I have to say that I felt that something was wrong with the picture all along. Tigers don't kill people for fun and I pity the fool who provokes one.

Silly stoned kid. I have no pity on him or his friends, just the tiger.