Sunday, June 1, 2008

Maybe We'll Vacation Here

Apropos of "DEAD THING"

Roadkill will have to stay on Illinois roads

State money was drained on ice, snow removal; vultures left to clean up

updated 6:07 p.m. PT, Fri., May. 30, 2008

CARBONDALE, Ill. - The view along Illinois highways this summer should be beautiful — for the turkey vultures.

The state's transportation department says it won't be picking up as much roadkill left along roads because it spent too much of its budget during the winter.

IDOT said it spent more than twice the allotted $40 million on clearing ice and snow removal because of rising fuel costs and harsh weather last winter.

Dead animals in driving lanes and any deemed hazardous to motorists will be removed. But much of the rest will be left for scavengers.

Kevin Gillespie of the Jackson County Health Department said the roadkill might be smelly and gruesome, but it shouldn't lead to any health risks.

The department does not log the amount of roadkill it clears.

The kids won't have a chance to even start arguing.


Front Porch Society said...

lol!!! roadtripping to IL anytime soon? ;)

Mrs. "Smith" said...

With gas the way it is, I think we're staying in CA, unfortunately. Snake wants to see the monuments in South Dakota, Moose wants to go back to Washington, and I'd like to see Yellowstone and Glacier Park in Montana.
We are a family of explorers!